18 November 2013 – “Family Concerts”

Hi Everyone,

As our Fall recital rapidly approaches, I’d like to stress the importance of what I call “family concerts” this week. Believe it or not, though they have been their biggest supporters, the students are most anxious to perform in front of their family members and loved ones. This is because their opinion usually matters most. So how do we make it a bit easier on them? Family concerts! Call everyone into the family room one night this week. Make an event out of it; make hot chocolate and bring the dog in. Have the students perform their pieces exactly how they will on Saturday. Just doing this once will ease the nerves a bit and make the main event a lot less scary.

Having the students play regularly for anyone is good for their self confidence. Last week, I was at a lesson and an electrician was in the house doing some work. When he was finishing up, I asked him if he was in a hurry and if he wouldn’t mind listening to some good music. He joined us in the piano room and was a great audience member. You all should do the same thing at home; ask the neighbors, play dates, babysitter to take a listen. Who doesn’t want to hear music?

Send us some videos!

Be well.


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